The Wedding Experience

Hello and welcome…welcome to a place where love is cherished, memories are treasured and sentimental hearts are understood. Welcome to a place where one of the best days of your life will be honored, respected and joyfully celebrated with you.

Welcome to a place where I understand that planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and sometimes confusing things you will ever plan. In understanding that, I have made my goal as a wedding photographer to make this part of your process fun, simple and enjoyable. My heart is to give you an incredible photographic experience from beginning to end.

I start by thinking about everything I loved about my own experience as well as the things that felt stressful. Then I mentally put myself back in those shoes (they were flats, friends!) and think about all the ways that I could make that experience the best it could be. That’s where you come in…I want your experience to be all it can be too. I want you to feel as strong a love for each other as my husband and I do. I want you to feel natural, happy and comfortable in front of the lens. I want you to look back with love and fondness on every moment captured. A decade down the road from now, I want you to see just how classic and timeless you look even though the styles may have changed. I want you to smile together at your hair before it started greying and laugh at the sweet wrinkle lines you see in each other’s faces fifty years from now. So that’s why I do things like I do…encouraging you in your love and keeping YOU in mind, giving you a wonderful photographic experience.

As much as I love photographing the rings, the florals, and the other lovely details of your day, my focus still lies largely on the tender moments, the shared laughter, the stunning portraits together and the unexpected expressions and the gathering of friends and family. I want to capture the moments in your wedding day that you will treasure forever. I whole-heartedly believe that your wedding is not just about that one day, but the entire experience from the planning stage to the growing old together. I want to provide you with images that you can look back upon and smile, laugh, and remember…to remind you of your beginning and your foundation. Your photography is a large part of your wedding experience and it should be fun, real and memorable.

I would love to start by meeting with you in person or over the phone and hear your vision for your special day. If I am available on your date, you love my style and we both believe that we are the right fit, then I would love to be a part of your big day. I can also recommend vendors in the surrounding areas to help you connect with others who will help your day come together as it should.

My gifts to you…

I believe that so much about your wedding day involves giving…giving of yourself, your time, and your love. And I love to get in the giving spirit with you. I start by gifting every full day package with an engagement session. I highly value an engagement session in preparation for the big day because we get to know each other better and I can help you feel confident, at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Every Lieb Photographic bride and groom will also receive a bridal welcome package with a very helpful planning guide, tailor made to your photographic experience and full of valuable information. Your welcome gift will also include a small gift, vendor information and more. I will also send you monthly newsletters and keep you updated on bridal events in the area that I think might be helpful for your planning process.

Gifts from your guests…

Sometimes couples would love to have a larger heirloom album or additional prints or products but don’t have the budget for everything. I love the future and budget-savvy bride, which is why I started gifting options. You can give your guests the option of “gifting” you products or monetary gifts towards prints and products as an alternative or in addition to a traditional wedding registry. Your guests can gift you in a way that is much more meaningful than a traditional registry.

When the day you have been planning is finally here, there are few material things that will last twenty years down the road. They aren’t the cake, the flowers, or even the dress…they are the images. I believe that a day this important is worth showing to your children and grandchildren, your family and the friends you will meet down the road. I believe your photos deserve a beautiful home of their own and should be on display. I believe that a day this important deserves a full day of photography. So I have made your investment options easy to navigate and fun to discuss together. I offer stunning handcrafted heirloom album options as well as canvases, prints, press print engraved boxes, and more. Your day deserves to be seen.

If you would like to receive my wedding experience pricing guide and set up a consultation over the phone or in person, please contact me here and tell me a bit about your big day. Your photos are just that important that your package should be just the right fit for you.

The well researched bride usually has some well thought-out questions. The teacher in me loves to answer them. Here are ten more common questions and answers from the well-informed bride:

  1. Are you insured and through which company?
    Lieb Photographic LLC is insured through State Farm Insurance.
  2. What cameras do you shoot with the day of the wedding?
    I shoot with a Canon full frame cameras and a Mamiya medium format camera upon request.
  3. Do you use a second shooter?
    Yes! I work with wonderful, talented and experienced second shooters!
  4. Have your contracts been reviewed by an attorney and if so, by whom?
    Lieb Photographic LLC contracts are prepared and reviewed by Chris Martin, attorney at law with Gayheart and Willis, P.C.
  5. What lighting system do you use for indoor locations and low light reception areas?
    I use a bare bulb portable system with battery packs as well as speedlights.
  6. What kind of experience and training do you have?
    I received my bachelors degree in art and photography from JMU and my masters degree in photography and the book arts from VCU. I have continued my education through grants and workshops while exhibiting in galleries across the country. I taught darkroom, digital, and alternative process photography as well as art and art history at liberty high school for eleven years.
  7. Do you offer co-ownership of the images from my wedding and when will I get to see them?
    Yes! Your images are typically ready within one - three weeks of your wedding. If you like, I offer an unveling party at either your venue or Main Street Weddings where you can view all of the collection for the first time with each other and anyone else you invite...all complete with treats!
  8. If I purchase a bridal portrait package, will you be shooting in digital format, film, or both?
    I shoot bridal portraits in both digital and medium format film on request.
  9. Do you offer bridal boudoir?
    I offer something a bit unique...Blushing Bridals.  It is a very modest, elegant bridal boudior session at the same time as your bridal portraits.  This special service is only for booked brides.
  10. Can friends and family members purchase gift certificates or products for me from your photo lab as a part of my wedding registry?
    Friends and family can gift you directly through a photo gift registry I can create for you. You can include information on this in your registry and invitations as well.

I hope this helps answer some of the big questions. Please feel free to ask me more.